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Story of Sim losing his virginity

Dear Readers, this is my first story here. This is a True incident that happened to me, a rather beautiful one, for those who want to consider this a fantasy, go on with your assumptions but I don think any guy would lie about losing his virginity especially when it happens the way he wanted it to …

And also for those who don have patience, this is rather long a proper love making story rather just touch n go banging. For those who expect just expressions of sex , I rather suggest you not to proceed but for others I am sure that this incident I am going to express will not just take you a long way in sex but a be passionate one to make you make love to your partner than calling it fucking …

Love Lust Passion, when all these come together in sex nothing can give it a better flavour. Introducing myself first, I am SIM, 23 year old guy from Chennai, not very muscular but a perfect flat ab and good height of 5’8”, fair and cuteness is my advantage. I belong to the fresh working category energetic and among the millions of youth in India wanting to get laid,

the following happened to me coz of a beautiful women rather my sex goddess who evoked all sexual pleasure I would have ever imagined just a year and 3 months back. Her name is Banu aunty, 34 years old, a bit bulky with awesome structure of 34D-30-34 and wheatish fair traditional lady.
This all happened when I had to go to bengaluru for working, I work in a famous Software firm there which provided me with a apartment I had to share with my senior girls, a lesbian couple, about whom I ll let know in the next story. Banu aunty was the owner of the apartment I lived in, she lived with her husband, a business man who stays out almost 4 to 5 days a week which deprived her of all pleasures her lustful body deserved,

she had a son in boarding school at age of 12. Now let us get into the story. I got formally introduced to the neighbor couple n my roommates, being shy I always maintained my distance with them, just a formal smile when and from work. I do my morning jog by 5:30, though banu aunty belonged to the upper middle class, she was real simple, traditional and always in a saree.

My morning jog got me a chance to glimpse of her beautiful cleavage almost daily when she used to come out n bend to pick up the pockets of milk n news paper, anyways I maintained my shy nature and acted extremely normal and made sure she doesn’t get to see me peeking into her ( but she had noticed it all around, which was revealed to me in bed by her, a motive to seduce me on the go was really on).
I jerked off in shower n bed hell of times considering her in different positions ;). I had some formal conversations about my work, girl friend n etc etc while in terrace with banu aunty and got closer with time just casual talks but never did I try to approach her.

Days passed n real soon just 3 weeks down time, after settling this happened, I remember the date still, the magic moment, an awesome day, September 6th , her husband was leaving out of town for a business deal as usual and I was just outside in balcony passing away time when my love for first time in weeks called me to her place,
I was in my 3/4th and t shirt and she was as usual looking gorgeous in a bluish black saree but with some extra flesh exposed making things really tough for me. Then we sat opposite each other and v went on general discussing and going around with topics and when I asked about her husband and kids, few drops of tears let out of her eyes.

I tried to resist but asked her y she had tears in her eyes, she asked me “ if she could open up with me and if I would be her good friend and help her out. I promised her that I ll do the best I can to help her out. She then suddenly sprang next to me sitting with our bodies touching. The next question she asked was a bit shocking when she asked me how she looked and would guys be interested in her,
I couldn’t lie seeing her and said guys would be dying to have such a female with them and she should be proud of her beautiful body, she gave me a giggle but broke into tears saying that her husband has been sleeping with lot of females for the last 4 to 5 years during his business trips and she found it out when recently seeing a video clip of him with a college girl.

I was even more shocked to hear that having been talking with her husband but found him quite good. With that she made me even shocked when she hugged me tight on my arms and started crying, I found it real tough because her boobs were really brushing my hands and her cleavage was really getting exposed.
The tent in my trousers really started to show off n I couldn’t hide it from her and she immediately moved off n wiped her tears, I asked sorry to her as it was the first time I was so close with any women on real. She smiled on it a bit, we remained silent for a while, stared at each other’s faces with lust filling up and I thought I better leave, she held my hands, pulled me real closer , woow!!!!!!!!!!!

The first moment of my life, my first real kiss, her lips were locked with mine, I was no good kisser and being the first time, I found it real tough to cope up with her while she was chewing my upper lips with her and switching between lower and upper, we then were kissing passionately for 5 to 10 min with my hands guiding through her soft hips n I grabbed her, a bit harder,
she jerked and moved a bit farther, the entire room was giving silence adding to our mood, she smiled n tried to get up, I swiftly got conscious held her wrist and pulled her towards me moving behind her while sitting n gently biting her over her ass, she gave a small moan ummmmmmmmmmm and god her expression was real amazing, biting her lips wetting them n twisting her tongue over lips, omg !!!!!

just cant simply express that in words, I then slowly got up kissing n licking her hip moving through her spine with my hands pushing through her hips moving towards her mountains, she moaned continuously saying “ eat me sim, I am all yours, ooooohhhhhhhhhhhh, ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm, lick me ahhhhhhhhh kiss meeeeeeeeeee.

She had a good height 5’6”, I stood up completely wetting her back with my lips n moving up to her neck from behind, I kept kissing her neck and her moans started becoming more, I think she was getting wetter down there, I started to massage her boobs over her blouse, those soft melons were getting harder n I tweaked her nipple with a couple a fingers and she really grew sound with moaning,

she was holding my face with her hands stretched behind. her pallu had already fallen exposing more of flesh of her melons, I turned her towards me and we stared at our eyes and when I proceeded to kiss her, she smiled and said, “ wait lover boy, I am all yours, eat me slowly, I want us to enjoy each n every moment,

I want you to be my lover “ with that she pushed me on the fluffy couch, she rose her saree up and sat on my lap with her ass exactly over my tool and her cleavage right below my jaws, we broke a little sweat n those sweat beads added glitters to our love making, we then got back to our kissing, this time better than earlier,
we were searching each others tongue and licked and kissed each other like there was no tmrw, I broke the kiss n she got puzzled when I pulled her real closer where I could feel her wetness over my dick n started moving my lips down her neck to her boobs, she understood wat I was trying to do,

I reached right above her melons slightly crushing them with my hands over boobs n teasing her by licking the exposed flesh, she moaned, “ sim , my lover boy, go on, all of it is ursssssss huhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh ammmmmmmmmmmmmm sssssssiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmmm, to tease her further I left her boobs n lifted her arms and kissed her sweaty armpits with licking them till her boobs.

she moaned even better, it was the first time she was loved during sex, And right when I was about to chew her melons over her blouse, a call rang, her husband was on the call and said that he had reached the airport and his flight was delayed by a hour and he kept talking, all the time she stayed on my lap n we were really getting annoyed with her husband and I got her down while she frowned
her face while talking to her husband trying to make him keep it where he had no idea of doing so. I then sighed her that it was getting late and I would have my dinner and come back after 10:30 since the girls in my apartment would get real suspicious about us. She then let me go, I kissed her boobs and went for dinner thinking of what had happened.

I returned back from hotel and in the way got a pocket of extra long condom from a pharmacy at some distance and changed, refreshed my self. I kept seeing the clock while just passing time. The clock struck 10 and the girls got into their rooms, I made myself sure they slept and knocked the door by 10 :35, my lady love had just then taken bath and had changed to a creamy red saree,

she looked even more horny than before. I entered the house without making much noise and gripped her hips tight from behind, she turned and locked the doors giving a peck on my lips with her luscious lips, she had a great smell of perfume all over her body, the wet hairs, the fresh beads of water on her neck,
the tight blouse and bare back increased the horny scene and soon we were searching each others tongue and kissed passioanately, we kissed for a whole 15 – 20 min with our saliva’s all over our face, all time my hands crushing her hip n ass. Her moans rose the mood and we broke the kiss and she said “ lover boy, its time to have your late night dessert,

she swung her ass gently and walked inside the bedroom, I followed her behind and wow, there was their bedroom with a huge bed with all cushioned pillows n room filled with freshners, small lights lit around to make it look like we were husband and wife and it was our first night, I couldn’t resist further, I grabbed her ass from behind with one hand and another crushing her from melons.

she pushed me back and said “wait u ll get what u want “. She smiled sexily n asked me to sit on the bed, it was so soft that it was so bouncing, a perfect place I thought would be to lose my virginity. At the same time, I was a bit nervous and sweating a bit which she noticed and smiled, teasing me saying, if it was my first time, which I admitted and gave her the condom pocket,
she then laughed loud and asked me if I didn’t wanna know how a women’s pussy would be in real. I was confused but happy and asked her if she wouldn’t get pregnant for which she said she was in her safe period. My excitement increased with it my tool too, tent was slowly getting formed, she noticed it.
She then sat near me hugging me tight, we began to kiss again, this time slowly just to increase our mood while she moved her hands over my tool over my shorts and I was slowly getting my hands on her thighs over saree, we broke the kiss and I made her stand. I then removed her pallu and slowly tugged off the entire saree of her body, she also removed my t shirt and undershirt.

For the first time her soft hands moved over my hairless chest which she loved. Then we had a small lip lock. I was hesitant but asked her if I could switch off the fans and just keep the AC at high so that I could enjoy her with sweat dropping down, she was more than happy n obliged, we then kissed back.
I then pushed her on the bed, by the time sweat drops were getting formed with the heat of our love making. I moved over her body kissing her forehead and getting down to nose eyes cheeks lips n jaws with my hands freely surfing her body. She was getting hornier and hornier, her body had began to tremble in lust, I slowly moved down to her melons kissing them over her blouse,

I gently removed the hooks of blouse and wowwww !!!!!!!!!!! and amazed by her caged mountains !!!!!!!!! I licked them over the bra and she kept moaning loud and loud ohhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Just like that dear, come on loverrrrrrrrr boy ummmmmmmmmmmm eat my nipples, taste your aunts body come on darling eat me ahhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm yeaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

my cock was totally erect by now and her hands were pulling me close to eat those melons. I then removed her bra with her help, god beautiful melons with black nipples erect and glittering in saliva and sweat, I then licked her arm pits again too n fro teasing her to maximum and chewing her melons in my mouth biting and licking around those mountains of lust,
she started pushing my head closer and closer, held my hairs tight and panting heavily, omg!!!!!!!!!!!..................... moaning loooooooooovvvvveeerrrrrr boyyyyyyyyyyy………… u rrrrrrrrrrrrrr aaaweeeeeeesssssssssoommmmmeeeeeeeeeeee, I continued it for long and finally, I made my lady lover shed her first orgasm, she erupted big with a huge scream.

She then pulled me up to kiss and again were kissing like lovers with my hands moving between those melons !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got up from the bed and started removing my shorts and underwear, with all love making my tool stood erect with it full glory, I wouldn’t boast about it, its not much in length 6 inches but definitely thicker with 3 inch thickness.

Adrenaline rushed through my body as it was the first time I have been nude before any women and that too the moment was almost where the women was my sex goddess who was feet away from taking me down. I dragged her to the end of the bed by her foot and started kissing the feet tickling her with my lips on her, with every inch rise in the legs I was getting a better view of her love hole,
I was losing my patience but controlled it to make it the most memorable one for both of us. I then moved licking down her ankle through the calf muscle, eating and kissing every sweat drop and replacing them with my saliva pushing her petticoat upwards exposing more and more flesh. Banu aunty kept moaning n jerking n shivering in pleasure,

I hope it was her first time she was being eaten with love and long time since she had experienced sexxxxxx. I moved further near her pussy, so close I could feel her wetness and the erotic smell it was giving, I removed her petticoat to make her lie down just with her drenched panty on her.
She smiled at me, I further increased her pleasure by kissing down her inner thighs, reaching till her panty but backing off. She was getting impatient and was shaking. I then removed her panties of her to make her completely nude, goshhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never imagined such a situation ever and especially with banu aunty, she had a cleanly shaven love hole,

a bit small since she hasn’t had love for long, glittering with the overflowing love juices. I wanted to tease her even further, I went near her love hole and breathed hot air, she just jumped off the bed, I turned her around, she was puzzled then I went back to take care of her beautiful back, licking each cm of it, she moaned and moaned n I groped her soft ass and gave a love bite to it !!!!!!!!,

I then gripped her hips in the front and moved my hands while licking down her bare back and cupped those enormous melons which were in excess of my arms, I reached her neck licking n kissing n massaging those soft melons putting my weight over her. She had another big orgasm. My cock just made way in the mean while poking her ass.
After some licking n kissing n loving her, I got down, she turned on her back. I asked her to give me the pleasure of sucking my tool. She was hesitant as she had never done it even with her husband but I insisted and she couldn’t resist coz of the love I was giving to her. She then went on her knees and sucked my tool, my pleasure was building up like never before, I moaned ohhhhhh!!!!!

Banu aunty, tats awesome suck my cock, lick them up, no one would call it a first time, she was so very good with it, I was holding her and out of curiosity made her gag a couple of times. After some 10 min I couldn’t resist n screamed …….. banu aunty !!i am cumming!!!.... I am cumming!! I am cumming and shot my entire cum in her mouth and few on her boobs n face.
She then got up and went to clean her and came after 2 min after washing her face boobs n mouth. we wiped each other off all sweat as we were nearing our actual penetration soon. It was my turn to give her the pleasure of oral sex, she went down lying on her back and spread her legs calling me to enter her, but I wanted to make sure she was totally satisfied,

I looked at the clock it was almost 12, a hour and half had almost passed away since we began feasting each other in the ocean of lusty love !!!!!!, I went between her shining pussy, sniffed it to take in the aroma and started to lick them slowly. She shivered vigorously as it was the first time a man is doing so much with her body,

I had to hold her thighs farther with my hands so that she doesn’t make me suffocate, with loads of experience over watching thousands of porn movies n searching for techniques, I was hitting the right spots in her love hole and her love juices were over flowing which I drank with happiness, I was sucking those beautiful rose petal cunt and at times biting them,

she was moaning with all her voice and her voice shrilled in pleasure of my licks, she was squeezing her melons and shouting, “ ohhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy sssssiiiiiimmmmmmmm, lllloovereeeeeeee boy eat me more, this is bitch is all ursssssssssss ahmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmm ummmmmmmmmmmm ahhhhhhhhh oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,
I increased her pleasures further by inserting one finger into her love hole and I started finger fucking her while thumbing her cunt lips, she panted heavily and gasped for breathe and came all the way for another shuddering orgasm right on my face. I was catching hold of my breathe with her love juices filling me up, I kept fingering her all the way n goddddddddd,

sheeeeeeeeeee wasssssssss glittering with sweat, her body I cannot explain in words how it looked. I proceeded to lick down her navel and her moaning continued and went up licking around her nipples, I chewed her delicious melons for few more min when she had another thundering orgasm,
she tried to push my fingers away but I increased the number of fingers from two n slowly to three with her moans filling the room with even more sounds. I went to her face, she licked clean of all her juices from my face and we had a passionate kiss. I then removed my fingers and licked it and made her lick it.
She was fully satisfied with love, now it was the last part of our first love making, the clock had already gone half past 12. I got from bed, she was a bit exhausted with love she got. my cock was semi erect, I asked her to make it erect for our penetration, she was more than happy n jumped n removed my foreskin and licked it like a lolly pop. No sooner my cock was erect.

I made her lie down n spread her legs wide holding her thighs apart and placed my tool right on her opening of vagina. I rubbed it around her and teased her, she couldn’t hold it further, I tried to enter her opening but slipped 2 times as it was my first time and she laughed. Now she guided my tool into her opening, her hole was so tight as it has not been used for more than 2 years,
with every inch of tool getting into her I could feel the warmth of her insides, her cunt engulfed almost half my size, she said my tool was thicker than her husbands and it was stretching her inners. I pulled out a bit and forced my entire tool in one go. She cried in pain but soon we were in missionary position, I waited for her to signal me, tears were flowing,

I asked if she was alright to which she pulled my head n we were passionately kissing each other, with that I slowly started moving to n fro, chewing her lips n getting down her neck, she then guided my face towards her melons, I kissed them with love with my tool giving her inners more and more pleasure, she was biting her lips n saying
“tats how sim, come on darling make love to me, rip my cunt apart, its all for u ahhhmmmmmmm yeah chew my nipples bite them hard and eat me darling “ these sentences were making me even hornier and I increased the pace of my fucking, one hand was holding her and another crushing her boobs, her moaning was making it even more better and it would have been 10 to 12 min I reached verge of explosion,

I wanted to sustain more so I pulled my tool out oozing pre cum, she slapped me light and asked y I withdrew them n I said I wanted to try another position. She smiled and called me naughty boy ;) she then went on all fours, I spread her ass a bit and tried entering her hole from behind, it was well lubricated with hours of foreplay between us. I then pinched her nipples and fucked her in study pace.
Soon she had one more orgasm for the night. then again we switched to cow girl position and reverse cow girl position where she dominated me and fed me her boobs, we were drenched in sweat and the moaning n screaming made the place a sexx temple. Atlast she made me cum taking all my hot liquid inside her. then we were exhausted and rolled out.

When I saw the time it was 1 45 in the morning, both of us were satisfied, she had tears rolling down which I wiped, she hugged me tight n said,” I never been loved so much before, I wanna give you all u want, fuck me all time long lover boy “, I kissed her for taking my virginity. We soon dozed off, it was around 8 in the morning when I saw my love still nude and sleeping,

I soon started licking her body meanwhile she woke up and we had another beautiful session in the morning. Then I called my office and said I was sick n I cannot be coming to office, she was more than happy to hear it and pounced on me while we made out on the couch. We had several rounds of sex that day, in shower, in kitchen etc etc and roamed around the house nude all day.
After those two awesome days of sex, I left her house and freshened and reminded of wat ever happened in the last 2 days …The next day I left to office and while returning back saw my room mate sana talking with the aunt n smiling at me strangely, there begins another story of how I first took the virginity of one of the horny lesbo sana and then with her help the shy charu.

Hope you liked my story, comments are most welcomed especially from all those horny women and enthu boys. After your comments and reacting I ll post the next story ….. waiting for your responses …

Monday, 24 December 2012

Subhash fucking hot neighbour Mrs Sarkar

Dear friends, I am Subhash, 26 year old fun loving man from Kolkata. Last year, I went to neighbouring town to spend my Christmas vacation with my friend cum cousin sister. Both of us are very friendly and luckily my Jamai babu is also very sporting and we get along quite well. He works with a public sector company there.

The evening I reached there, I met their neighbour Mr Sarkar and his hot wife. She was wearing knee length sleeveless frock and quite stylishly carried her leather jacket in her arms. Mrs. Sarkar, I would say possessed everything a man would ask for and needless to say I was completely infatuated by her charms. I was introduced by my cousin and soon we all went to their club.
There my jamai babu asked for drinks and Mrs. Sarkar (in bangla) asked her husband to be in limits. Gradually, I also started chatting with her. I boasted that I never get drunk, no matter how much I drink. To this Mr. Sarkar also boasted and jokingly I said that I am still better.

I, next day admitted to my cousin that Mrs. Sarkar is a bombshell and I am deeply infatuated. She laughed and said you say the same for every second girl you meet and let me tell you she is married. I jokingly said so what, thats better you know and laughed and said kaam mera naam tera. She laughed and said subhash, you are so mean.
I acted as if I am a philospher and said if you consume few glasses from a ocean nothing happens to it and she is a ocean to me. We were joking like this when Mrs. Sarkar came, this time wearing a jeans and heard us laughing. When she inquired about the joke my cousin looked at me and asked should I tell her. I bowed my head and said ofcourse.

My cousin laughed and called me behaya (means person with no shame) and told jokingly to Mrs. Sarkar that I say that I appreciate her beauty and had I met her before marriage I would have proposed. She also laughed and said Subhash , I am sure you will get better girls than me. I again bowed my head and said bowdi, but I don't want a better girl.
Both the ladies laughed and I kept on flirting with her. I showered compliments after compliments till she blushed and said its enough. The result of afternoon happening was visible and she behaved quite friendly with me when we again went to club(it is the only place to go ). Apparently she must have told Mr. Sarkar about my witty nature and even my bad jokes drew lot of appreciation from all of them.

I persuaded my cousin to allow me to take a chance with Mrs. Sarkar. She got irritated and said subhash, don't do anything that will ruin our relationship. I promised her that and went to Mrs Sarkar home. She welcomed me and I again started to compliment her. This time, after a while she hit me hard with her words. Mrs. Sarkar said Subhash, why are you doing all this.
I said I have developed a liking for you. She then asked for what. I paused and said I know what you want from me and I don't blame you for that because everybody wants this and think that I am a whore. She then hissed now if I wear a frock, or a mini skirt does that make me a whore. I quickly interrupted I don't think so bowdi.

The discussion continued and she banged me and my guts then said o.k, then I would allow you to do anything you wish with me but in presence of my husband. My jaw dropped and as a face saving gesture I said bowdi, I did'nt want to hurt you and deeply regret to have offended you with my compliments. I sighed and said do you do this to every man who dares to compliment you.

She laughed and said no, its just that Ruchi ( my cousin) is a very good friend of mine and she asked me to teach you a lesson and to bring you back to senses'. I cursed Ruchi and heaving a sigh of relief said by god, I felt as if I am blott to mankind and laughed.
She served me tea and I shamelessly again fiddled into troubled waters saying atleast, I am not going with empty hands, you have permitted me to do anything with you in presence of Joydeep da(her husband). She took this lightly and laughed and said o.k, I will. I said not fair bowdi, odds are so high, almost cent percent.
She had a hearty laugh and said thats why the reward is as per your wish. I came back only when Ruchi called me for lunch. It was a gone case and I had no hope of laying her till opportunity presented on 31 dec. Actually, we all were in club and were having gala time. My cousin wanted to return back and I wanted to stay in club for some more time.

Joydeep da offered to drop me which I agreed. We stayed back upto 12 and shook hands with Mrs. Sarkar in Joydeep's presence. On our drive back, I said that after so many years I am sober because neither Joydeep nor Jamai babu gave me company. Joydeep said he has a bottle and we can have some more back at home. Mrs. Sarkar protested to which I said now common bowdi, even if we get drunk it will at home only.
On reaching their house, we started. In absence of Mrs. Sarkar I provoked Joydeep to prove that he is a better boozer than me and by the time she changed and returned back to living room, Joydeep had gulped down 3 pegs and the fourth was in his hands. After about half hour I felt his eyes wavering and subtly provoked him by saying so is that all.

He finished his fourth and amidst protests of Mrs. Sarkar, he incoherently said you don't understand, it is my prestige now and drank another peg. I kept quiet as Joydeep was very incoherent and to please him I loose you win and stood up.
He tried to stand but failed. I grabbed him and said allow me to take you to bedroom. I somewhat dragged him and put him on bed. He almost immediately blanked out. I shook him to check but he was snoring. Mrs. Sarkar was at other side of bed staring at me intently.

I returned her gaze and she asked you did it intentionally. I walked towards her and said you called for it bowdi, not my fault. She was annoyed and said thats not fair. I had reached her, held her waist from over her nightie and pulled her towards me and said did'nt you hear, everything is fair in love and war.
She did'nt try to push me as I bent my neck and was inches away from her lips when she said but it is cheating. I brushed my lips over her and whispered cheating or no cheating, but you are worth to die for and kissed her lips. She jerked her head sideways and said am I so desirable to you. My hands now held her ass and squeezed it gently and I replied, you sure are.

This time, I waited for few moments and then licked her lips and in return she thrusting her tongue out said then go ahead and make it pleasurable journey for me and let me live my fantasy of being fucked with husband one one side. Our tongues met and we sucked each others tongue for quite some time. Just then my mobile rang. It was from Ruchi who asked me when I will be back.
I asked her about jamai babu and she said he is sleeping and she is waiting for me. I told her to keep back door open and to go to sleep as I am with her friend and switched off my mobile. We were standing and as I kissed her she started to undress me. She expertly removed my jacket, shirt and made my top half bare.
She then pushed me on bed and unbuttoned her nightie but did'nt remove it. Her boobs were partially visible to me as she one by one removed my dress and made me nude. By the time she was removing my jockey, I had a hard on. She lovingly stroked it two three times and came on top of me and whispered into my ears so here is your reward, get it.

My hands cupped her boobs and gently played with her nipples as she rubbed her pussy over my hard pennis. I felt her velvety pussy as she kept on rubbing it. Then she thrust her boobs in front of my face and just as I tried to lick it she withdrew and said what do you want, ummmm. I whispered I want to suck your nipples'. She increased the pace of her rubbing and said then beg.
I begged and she gave me one of her nipples. She allowed me to suck for a while, then she came beside me and whispered subhash, make me beg for it, make me so hot ummmmm subhashhhhhh ( I was sucking her nipples and fingering her ) oooohhh dear, I have been fantacising about thisssss, aaaahhhhh, don't biteeee meeeee loveeee ummmm me.

She had beautiful curves and had almost right amount of flab around crucial areas like navel, waist which made her all the more sexy and I was sucking her navel taking a bit of flab between my teeths and eating her.
Mrs. Sarkar, kept on pushing my head gently guiding me to the place where she wanted to be eaten. She had cleanshaved pussy and I licked her. She whimpered and said oooohhhhhh don't do ittt I will go mad but acted contrarily by thrusting her pelvic into my face. I sucked her pussy with my hands playing with her ass and nipples.

She kept on moaning and whenever there was silence Joydeep's steady snoring could be heard. She took my hands from over her nipples and started sucking my fingers and licked my palm.
She then stopped me and said she wants to have orgasm the natural way, she asked me to enter her. She was wet down there and I lay beside her and said first lick my pennis. She rode me and started licking my tool while I fingered her furiously. She was oozing out juices and wanted a thick pennis and finger did'nt suffice her needs.

She reversed her position and licked my nipples and said pls subhash do it. I came on top of her and did what was required. Gently at first, angling my pennis to provide maximum rubbing with her internal walls. Soon she started demanding subhash, fast ummmmm fast ufffff I am cumminggggg aaaaahhhhh and her whole body tensed up and I increased me pace and we came almost simultaneously.
After that I again fucked her doggy style and in wee hours returned back to my cousin's place. I stayed there for another two days, and fucked her at my cousin's place. My cousin did'nt object and said it was case of two consenting adults. I hope you liked it.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

HUBBY’S FRIEND FUCKING ME, while he is watching us

    Hi readers, I am moonmoon. Stating how husband make me to fuck his friend.

        This story is based on a true incident.
        Let me first describe me. I am not white like milk. I am brown in color. I have waxed legs, round ass, perfect round little shaggy boobs with brown medium nipple. My figure is 36-30-38 and has a long straight black, silky, very thick hair covering my waist. I have a daughter of 3 years.
        My husband love me and lot. He does anything for me. So now it’s my turn to do him a favor. And he states that his dream is that, to watch another guy fucking me in front of him. So as I love him I agree.

        On a Saturday while he is in off duty we sent our kid with the maid to their grand mom place for the entire day. In the evening he called his friend, Debjit, who used to love to eye me while he sees me. He asked him if he was free and could come over to his place for sometimes

        He did not tell him why and Debjit came within 30 minutes. I was very tensed and nervous. He made me wear a low neck deep cut pink tank top, black padded bra, black g-string panty and a black long skirt below. And make a bun. And I put on my pink ear ring. I make a facial and put my pink lip stick on. The entire house was decorated with flowers, room freshener. It was very sexy environment. I opened the door for him and offered him a seat. He was running out of idea he was here

        He was very shy, thin, long, fair man with curly hair. My black padded bra under pink top was visible. He was just watching me from very first meet on that day. And his eyes were scanning my whole body and it each and every part. I said hello to him and take a seat facing him. My husband sits just beside me.

        He was very nervous while saw me in this dress. Gently I asked him for food. As he was watching my curves he just denies me. Instantly my hubby grabs me tightly and gives me a deep smooch with a horny sound.
        That poor guy did not know what is going to be. He was such simple guy that my hubby has to start something more for him. I was getting horny mow. After he whispered me to take him, I instantly sat beside him. I first kiss on his lips gently; he remains silent. Again I kiss on his lips and give him a deep smooch. He did not move a little bit even after that.

        My hubby was such astonished that he came to me, took me up and put off my pink tank top. And put his tongue into my mouth and licking my tongue. I was responding on his kiss. We hug us very tightly. He was pumping my butts. And my boobs under my black bra were rubbing against his shirt. Now that made him horny and he was sucking his lips with loud sound.
        Consequently I go to him and put my melons into his mouth and ordered him,; My husband laughed and said,  I like   that.                      
        Debjit Got up and grab me tightly and open my bun with one hand while her other hand started pumping my ass. My sexy hair flew to my waist. He took me in his arms and we went to our bedroom before my hubby, and he lay me on the bed which was full of rose petals. My hair was scattered on the bed.
        Then, after removing t-shirt and jeans he climbed up upon me. Now his huge bulge is visible to me under his drawer. He was smooch me. After sawing this, my hubby gets horny and he caught my bra strap and pulled it out.

        And then after that debjit pounced on my melons and start to suck like a hungry dog. I was moaning loudly in pleasure. After almost 10minutes I knelt down and I removed his drawer and grab his penis. It was not as big as my hubby, but it was clean, pink. My hubby was sitting on a chair and watching us.
        I removed his foreskin and started the blowjob. He was pumping my boobies and pinching tits. I go to kitchen and brought chocolate sauce and rub over her fair dick. And again start to licking. Now his dick was taste good. In sometimes the sauce was finished.

        Then he removed my g-string. My pussy was wet already and flooded the g-string. He pushed me on the bed. After knelt down he apart my legs in both side and started to lick my pussy with his experienced tongue. I was going insane. Suddenly he became wild and increased his speed.

        I was shouting loudly and loose my control.
        -Aaaaah, liiick, liiiick, liiick mee haaarrrd.
        I was losing control of my body, my boobs were bouncing and swatting profusely. Then he stands beside the bed and pull me. I hold his dick and put it into my love hole. He starts fucking. I was moaning loudly and the whole room was filled with my horny sound. After 10minutes we go to the doggy style. In one hand he was pulling my hair and pumping my butts with other. Some time pumping my melons hardly with hand.

        After that we again took the 1st style. Suddenly he increases his speed. It was unbearable to me. I was shouting more loudly. After 5minutes it became more unbearable and I asked him to stop.
        But he was not in a mood of stop. He covered my mouth with his strong hand and become more fast. I was unable to say anything and just make sound like-mmmmmmmmmmmm;

        I try to push him, but he was such strong like a beast, I become a small water drop in front of him.
        After 10 minutes he cummed inside my pussy and fell on me. I was fully satisfied. But due to pain I shout to him-you fucking dog. How dare you to fuck me like this. Debit’s cum was dripping from my love hole. Surprisingly mu hubby stands up and come to me. Debjit was finished and lie beside me like a sleeping man.
        I said, No baby, no more.

        But he told, I want you to fuck you now honey and make my monster calm..
        I was moaning again, but now, it was in pain. His swollen monster making me pays. And his big strong hand was squeezing out the milky boobies. He fucked me with all his force almost 20minutes and cummed inside.

        As my hubby gets up, then I saw debjit with full erected dick and saying that he wants me once more. I said, Fuck that dog ; Before I stand up he caught my hand on the bed and stated it again. This time he put his tongue into my mouth and started to lick my tongue.

        I was now in his brutal control. Hands on the bed, mouth filled with his tongue, dick inside pussy. I was moaning in pain. He again cummed inside. And then it was over.
        I was slept for whole night with nude body and scattered hair on the bed.
        In the morning I found myself on the bed between nude debjit and nude hubby. Debjit was resting his head on my boobies.


Sunday, 16 December 2012

Ishani having threesome sex with Sumon and Rekha

Hi, my name is Ishani from Kolkata and this is a short incident from last year. I write this today because, the people concerned have moved out of town recently.
I am now 30 and fair, height of 5'7". I am not slim, but I care to say I am curvy. My figure stands at 34d-28-36, with long hair. I am married and my husband is in merchant navy. I have not been that sweet Bengali girl, and I have enjoyed pleasures of this world before marriage. But in spite of my ideals of marrying a person I love, I settled for a arranged marriage and fell in love with the person I married.

For the first 6 months we enjoyed at home, and then for another 20 months I was with him on ships. We enjoyed while it lasted but I Guess I was bored with the globetrotting and endless seas. I was home and was planning to take up a job.
After about 4 months of laziness and being choosy with out a job, my cousin sister, Anima who lived in Kulti (about 200km from Kolkata) invited me over. I planned to stay there for sometime and enjoy their company. The plan was for 20 days at least. Subrata her husband, worked in ECL, a coal mining plant. They were some 10 yrs older than me.

But I had more bad luck in store (or was it good luck). 5 days into my stay and Anima Di, had to go to tend to her mom-in-law who lived in Asansol (25km from her house). So the tragic routine turned out to be, Subrata Da leaving at 8:30 AM, and Anima Di, leaving around 10 and I am alone with myself. Both returned around 7:30-8:00PM in the evening.

Of course they would try to compensate by bringing in moves and food so that we can enjoy. But with the cable TV, porn sites and their pet parrot for company, it was becoming dreary. I started complaining on the 3rd day.
After a little thought, next morning, she took me to the house in front of there’s, It belonged to Rekha and Sumon. Smart Young couple! Rekha & Sumon were both of my age and has had a love marriage 3 yrs ago. Rekha was a housewife and Sumon worked as a financial consultant.

Sumon was just leaving when we went in, he was a smart and athletic looking guy who said "hi" in a very charming manner and left for work. Rekha on getting to know my so called issue at hand was only happy since she was a housewife and a little company will make her feel only better.
Impromptu, she asked Anima Di to wait a little as she would like to take me along with her to Asansol and do some shopping. It was a welcome relief after 3 days of super boredom that I have been through. But little I know that life would be getting spicier soon.

For the next 2 days we watched movies together, shopped, ate out and super fun. It was Saturday, the usually my husband and I usually have parties and all, but my brother in law and sister were at their usual tasks, him at work and sis with her mom-in-law. I went off to Rekha's place. She was busy cooking and Sumon was also there. Apparently its Sumon's day off.
While Rekha finished her cooking and finished with her bath, Sumon and I chatted. It ranged from politics to choice of reading material. I pride myself of my ability to chat out serious things as guys do and did my best to impress him.

Rekha was back soon in a white balloon top and a pair of decent shorts. Since I have had my bath recently, we got together to one of Bengali's women's favourite things - "Chul sokhano" - drying of long hair. We sat on the sofa and put our hair behind the back rest and turned on the fan at full blast. I was by the way in a short rust coloured kurti with patiala.
Sumon excused himself from stupid women chat, as he mentioned and went far his bath. We were watching TV and chatting and discussing serials and heroines and heros when Rekha started talking about my hair and complimenting me for it.

She had her fingers in hair and then she brushed my nape and touched my ear to talk about my earring. Next she touched my thighs and said "Isha, you have such nice long slender legs, they are really nice".
Now, her touch was weird to start off with, and words, flattering, but I never judged it to be sexual in nature. After all she was a woman. Well, I have done my fair share of experiments with girls in school. The usual boob presses and hugs crushing tits together in the labs. The quick smooches in the loo. But they were experiments at best.

The farthest I ever went was probably in class 10 when we rubbed each others pussy over our panties and sucked each others budding puffy nipples in a tight bathroom at school. I must admit it was exciting and highly pleasurable at that age, but it was more for the newness of it and the fun of doing the forbidden thing.
But never did I consider myself a lesbian, not even a bi-sexual, as the pleasure of a hard cock is something irreplaceable. You can call me, at best a bi-curious, till this moment. Back to the story: when I think of it now, the touch was nice to feel and the context of endless fucking for more than 2 yrs followed by absolute celibacy for last 5 months didn't help.

She then very disarmingly asked about my figure a.k.a. sizes. I gave them to her casually and by habit of chats I asked her about hers. She was 32E-26-36. At only 5'4", she was small but with a good size boobs and ass. Pocket bomb, as I call her now. She was by then touching my breasts with the back of her hand and rubbing a little while discussing the unavailability of bras for her unusual size.

That truly felt new and nice. Someone touching my breasts after months! She cupped her breast with the free hand and gave me a feel of the shape while discussing it. When we heard the door of the bedroom open, she moved her hand and placed it on my right thigh and for a couple of moments there were no chatter. Sumon opened the door, while brushing his wavy hair and noticed Rekha hand for a fleeting second.

Sumon walked in all fresh, in his Bermudas, all 6'1" of him. His long lightly haired fair legs suddenly seemed attractive. I noticed his butt which was nice and firm and shapely. I am not sure why, but I probably even thought of his cock size for a moment and could not dwell on it or visualize it since he start talking.
He was saying how wonderful the rust colour suited me and I looking very attractive in my salwar. I said thanks with a smile and moved back to the TV, when I almost jumped up with surprise. I wasn’t expecting it at all from Sumon(now I wonder: Why wasn’t I?? :p) He then brought his nose closer to my neck and said, "You smell wonderful too" With that I felt Rekha's hand brushing my nipples again.....

The light touch on my nipples, Sumon's warm breath on my neck brought to surface all the sexual tensions brewing underneath. So when Sumon bent down to plant a soft kiss on the side of my neck, I could only let out a small moan. Involuntarily, my left hand was on Sumon's hand on my thigh to stop him and when Rekha cupped my breast and gave it a small gentle squeeze, both my hands went up to resist her.
Sumon made the most of this opportunity and put his hand into my short kurti. He was caressing my navel and that was making me really hot. That strange but familiar feeling in the tummy that I am sure all women reading will be able to relate to.

And that was it, I totally surrendered to them. I couldn’t believe that a married woman that I was gave up so easily. It hurts my pride. Was I such a easy target? Here I am supposed to be a simple demure Bengali housewife who is ever so faithful to her husband, and I was moaning with pleasure under the gentle caress of two strangers I met barely 2 days ago.

Rekha asked me in a husky seductive tone, "Ki bhalo lagche Isha?(Are u enjoying this, Isha?)" and all I could say between my moans was a barely audible yes. Both of them laughed. As I opened my eyes and looked at Sumon, for the first time I noticed his broad shoulders and deep brown eyes. But not for long as he sealed his lips over mine and sucked them.
As I surrendered my lips he slipped in his tongue in to my mouth and there began on of the most sensuous kisses I have ever had. He moved his tongue expertly to reach place and give me pleasure I never associated with Kissing.

But Sumon, is a multi-tasker at the core, his right hand had reached my back and was rubbing it lightly relaxing me further while his left had reach my breasts and kneading it over my bra. His hand moved under my bra and touched my nipple. His still cold hand on my nipples was making me crazy.
In the meantime, his right hand unhooked my bra and while he cupped my open boobs in his hand. I was totally out of control. Two of them were wreaking havoc on my senses. This seemed like one dream I didn’t want to end. I did not want to move from this position.

Sumon planted a kiss on my earlobe and bit it gently, this guy is an expert, and took the kurti off my body. In tandem Rekha removed my bra and there I was sitting in a stranger's living room absolutely topless. Rekha and Sumon took each of my breasts in their mouth and start sucking. They were swirling their tongues on my nipples which was now so hard while they were sucking...

The feeling of 2 sets of lips and tongues on my body is a feeling that is indescribable. People who have experienced it will know, and but will never be able to express it in words. They were sucking my nipples hard and biting them lightly, swirling their tongue on it and chewing them. It ran chills in down my spine.

He was licking my cleavage when with his right hand he untied the knot of my Patiala and slipped his hand into my panties to caress my public hair. I have almost no hair on my body, and my public hair is also very soft and light. I shave it sometimes but now with my hubby away, I didn’t have the motivation to it.

It seemed I was already in heaven. Rekha got down to her knees and removed my bottoms and my legs were wide open for all to see.....I was buck naked. She came back up, caressed my clit a little and put in her finger in my already wet pussy and started fingering me. I was beyond this world now.
I moved my hands to massage her ample boobs over her dress and the came down to kiss me. That was one awesome kiss. She was licking my tongue with hers and duelling with it. Between the two of them, I wondered who the master of kissing was and who taught whom. Sumon picked me up in his arms and I buried my face in his chest. He carried me to his bedroom and gently rolled me on to their bed.

When I looked around Rekha was already nude and Sumon was undressing. With lust in ones eyes, men look even more handsome I guess. His wavy hair, tall figure, broad shoulders, nice hairy chest all looked to me like a Greek god. When he took off his Bermuda along with his undies, I was in for a surprise. His cock was so fair.

Never have I seen a fairer cock and the thick bulging head was red, more like pinkish red. That was a cock I have seen on porn movies, but never on an Indian. My hubby has a beautiful piece of meat around 6.5 in, but this looked probably an inch longer. And the girth was very thick. It was a good 2.5 in thick. The bulging veins were almost looking green in colour. It looked like a piece of sculpture and I was all but mesmerized.
He came down on my breast and started cupping and kneading one while sucking the other. He slowly moved down and kissed and licked my tummy and then kissed my navel. It was almost as if he was making love to my navel. Never has Rahul (my husband) or any of my past partners spent so much time and gave me so much pleasure at my navel.

It was as if this was a day of discoveries. I felt as if this was a sex organ and I never knew about it. Between these heavenly pleasures I was barely aware that Rekha was sucking his meat. When Sumon reached my pussy it was flowing like a river, and after planting a few small kisses on the mound he licked and chewed on my clit for what seemed like eternity.
His intensity would increase at times and I think it was when Rekha's sucking made him more excited or took him close to Cumming. I had my eyes closed and I was drinking in the pleasures. It seemed that my body would not be able to take much more of this ecstasy.

The strange aroma of strong sex juice and active around me on bed made me open my eyes and I saw Rekha straddling me and positioning her pussy close to my mouth. From between her legs could see Sumon place a couple of pillows below my waist and spreading me wide. He was ready and his beautiful cock was glistening with all the sucking that Rekha has put in.
My Dream was getting better and better. And for the time in my life I was see a Pussy up close in my face and I was attracted and I liked it. I have never really thought about Rekha's pussy so there was no expectation. But up close it looked very beautiful. She had a little triangle shaped hair patch just above the slit and none on the lips or the sides which made it look really exceptional.

The outer labia were puffy and the inner lips were unevenly long and stick out of her outer labia. Her general skin tone is exceptionally fair, some of us may even consider her pale, and her outer pussy lips were dark pink and the inner lips were lighter. She seemed wet already and the clit was peeking out of the hood. It wasn’t a huge clit or anything but it looked cute.
The first thing that caught my attention was the inner lips. I have a puffy swollen mound and the protruding lips really were different. I kissed them and tasted another woman for the first time. It was good. I now believe that every woman has a streak of lesbianism in her, it only needs some motivation. I chewed on them for a few seconds and then concentrated on her clit.

This was all new to me and my only experience was the many XXX rated movies that I have seen and the clips on net. But the gyrating of her hips and her moans told me that I wasn’t too bad at this. I wriggled my nose on her clit while I was sucking her hole and sticking my tongue in as much as possible into her.
I took the clit into lips and sucked on it, and while doing so I hummed a little like I do when I suck cock. She stiffened up, shivered a little. I knew she was close, I stuck my finger in her ass hole and that made her cum, it seemed, quite hard. My face was smeared with her wetness. But she was in no mood to relent. A woman with suck a beautiful body ought to have a large appetite for sex, it seemed justified.

In the mean time Sumon was teasing my clit with his large tool by stroking in on my slit. Whenever his large swollen pink head touched my clit, I stiffened a little and I am sure Rekha felt the fervour of my excitement on her pussy through my tongue. He then moved on to my well lubricated hole.

The thoughts of unprotected sex and consequences came to me for a fleeting moment was washed away with the throes of pleasure when his cock touched my pussy hole. He pushed in the swollen head and was enjoying the friction on the head of his cock!
I have been well fucked for the past couple of years and I thought I am lose enough for a cock to go in easy, but this meat felt like filling me up as he pushed it in very lazily. It was as if he was teasing me. I was enjoying every inch of it. It was as if I was swelling up. It felt so full. It seemed to be pushing in to places that have never been touched before. I was feeling like a virgin again.
It may have been my excitement, but I felt out of the world as he slowly started stroking. With his first slow stroke I came for the first time. I squeezed his cock and he seemed to like it. He kept stroking slowly and then kept increasing the speed. Rekha was adding to the pleasure, she had turned around with her ass facing my face.

I was still sucking on her and she probably came two more times when Sumon was going full speed. Rekha was sometimes kissing Sumon, and Sumon was sometimes sucking her tits, and during these times the strokes were back to slow. Then he returned with gusto. Rekha was bending down, and I would take that opportunity to suck on her clit again, that would make her cum.
While bending down, she would lick my clit and suck it, and push me over the edge and make me cum strongly. To me time seemed to be standing still and I was getting orgasm after orgasm. I don’t think I have ever had so many during one session. I counted 3 or 4, and then I am not sure about anything but the pleasure.

I was barely aware when Sumon called my name. Very politely but excitedly he asked, "Bhetorey felbo? kono oshubidha nei toh?"(shall I release it inside, you don’t have a problem, right?). My eyes let up....I said between my moan, "Kono osubidha nei, ami puro enjoy kortey chai"(No problems at all, I want to enjoy to the fullest).
Rekha was on her knees and licking Sumon's asshole and balls when he came strongly in me. When his warm semen hit the wall, I orgasmed again and this time the strongest. There were at least 2 big squirts and then some more small ones as he collapsed on me. He rolled over after a minute with his face near my pussy and I put my left thigh on his shoulder.

Rekha was still working. She was licking Sumon's cum as it was oozing out of my pussy and that was soothing my pussy. After a brief few mins, my first wave of guilt hit me. Never before this moment did I think that I was cheating my husband. I wondered what I would do if he cheated on me. Then Rekha came in beside me and kissed me. Her mouth still tasted of Sumon's cum. We fell asleep.
But we woke up… More to come on part 2. This is my first attempt so do let me know my mistakes and your comments. Vulgar and constructive, both would be appreciated. So till next time, Keep those cocks hard and cunts wet!

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Sexual Foreplay - Tips to Help Arouse Her

Men, to experience and share great sex with your wife, be sure to use some of these sexual foreplay tips. There is an art to foreplay. Don’t just grab and squeeze, or head straight for her privates.

Foreplay is not about...
  1. Kissing
  2. Breasts and
  3. Intercourse .... all in five minutes!
In actuality, foreplay is really about courting and wooing your wife’s sensual responses and sexual arousal.
Before we get into the tips and suggestions, let’s review the all important basics of foreplay:

  1. Foreplay is part of the preparation phase of lovemaking.
  2. Foreplay is focusing on helping your wife come to sexual arousal.
  3. Foreplay must not be rushed. Spend at least 20 to 30 minutes on foreplay.
Okay, let’s get to the “mechanics”of foreplay…

Sexual Foreplay Tips to Use BEFORE You’re in the Bedroom

Tips to Use When WARMING UP!

  • slowly start undressing her
  • give her tender kisses on the lips
  • gently stroke her face
  • take time to give her a full body or shoulder massage
  • gently caress all parts of her body (not just the typical “sexual” parts)
  • whisper and tell her how beautiful she is and how good she feels
  • kiss her softly all over her body
  • interlace your fingers with hers
  • caress her tummy (don’t tickle though!)
  • touch and fondle her
  • keep talking about how much you love her (unless you’re kissing)
  • try to discover new touch points on her body that are sensitive and bring sexual arousal
  • keep looking at her
Foreplay Tips to Use as Things GET HOT!

  • begin more passionate kissing (don’t underestimate this tip!)
  • start faster stroking and caressing of her body
  • include full body embracing
  • start oral stimulation such as licking and sucking
  • begin to caress her inner thighs
  • continue telling her all the ways you think she’s gorgeous and how much she excites you
  • squeeze and stroke her body

FINAL Sexual Foreplay Tips

  • move your hands from the top of her body all the way down until they reach between her legs
  • listen to your wife’s verbal cues… is she feeling discomfort or pleasure?
  • use lubricant to begin stroking her vagina and clitoris
  • gently massage her outer vaginal lips
  • pay attention to your wife’s body language; is she beginning to respond?
  • ask your wife to tell you what feels good to her
  • reach up to her breasts
  • kiss her passionately all over her body
  • massage her inner thighs
  • stimulate her clitoris and/or G-spot until she lets you know she’s ready for intercourse or ready to orgasm
  • don’t forget to keep talking to her; tell her how much you enjoy her body
Using these foreplay ideas will bring great benefits to you and your wife’s sexual relationship including:

  • increased awareness of your wife’s body and how she responds
  • great orgasm experience for both you and her
  • closer emotional intimacy as you focus on your wife’s sexual needs
So, remember:
  1. Start Slow and Gentle
  2. Speak Lovingly
  3. Don’t Rush
  4. Use Lubricant
  5. Better Discover How She Responds

Monday, 10 December 2012

Adi fucking Moms friend Mamta aunty

Well ! I am Adi and was born and bought up in Delhi. My father earns handsomely and we put up in a posh locality. This year, in Jan, I turned 18 and within a few months I got a chance to fuck one of my mothers kitty party friend. My mother is around 40 but looks not more than 30 - 35 and prefers to mingle with younger generation.
Mamta aunty, I do not know her age but her eldest daughter is in class 8, and is a good friend of my mother. Mamta aunty is of exhibitionist types and only god knows how many times,I have shagged fantacising about her assets being fondled, caressed and ultimately fucking her.

She has seen me growing up and had quite often teased me for my shy nature and once I stepped into my teens, gradually I became extrovert (thanks to my good looks and my girlfriend). We had excellent rapport amongst us.
That summer afternoon my mother was away for her kitty party and I was fooling around, all alone, in our house when Mamta aunty came. I was surprised and told her that Mom has gone to Ganglanis residence for kitty party. She seductively smiled and said I know Adi, but do you mind if I come in . I realised I was blocking the door and was rude of me.

I apologised and welcomed her. As she walked past me, my nostrils were filled with aroma and I inhaled deeply, staring at her back. She wore a sleeveless white cotton blouse and chiffon saree of same color. In the name of blouse, it was just a 1" or 1 1/2 " strap at her backside and exposed all of her ultra fair sexy back. As I closed the door, she asked me Adi, so how was it .
I was fumbling with words when she giggled and said the perfume, Adi or were you thinking of something else . I said its great aunty and then addedactually everything about you is great, so was just looking for appropriate words . She grinned and said I feel old and dejected when young boys like you call me aunty. I just smiled and said and how else I can address you, aunty.

She laughed and said ummm, teasing me,hmmm naughty boy, how about Mamta and leaving the suffix . Frankly, I could not understand what naughtiness did I show but was amazed at her offer of calling her by name.
Despite my best efforts, I could not stop myself from staring at her curves, especially the waist and boobs area which despite her transparent chiffon,was so well folded that it covered it completely but could not hide the projection.

She was looking outrightly gorgeous, with hairs neatly tucked in a bun form, her long slender neck, flawlessly fair shoulders. I dared to peep into her well formed waist which basically gave her ass and top a hour glass shape. I admired and lusted her simultaneously but still managed to talk with her. She realised that my eyes were roaming all around her assets.

She very cordially without even giving an iota of hint of fending me off said comparing with Ishani, Adi . It was like being caught red handed and I blushed making lame excuses no aunty its just that this is a beautiful saree etc . She laughed heartily and said I dont mind it Adi, relax . I just grinned and asked her if she wanted anything.
She struck a sexy pose stretching out her hands upwards and sexily said Adi, dont divert the topic, tell me honestly . I thought it was a trap to brow beat me and stuck to my ground and had a good look at her smooth armpits,still having traces of talcom powder. She behaved as if I had pricked a baloon.
She talked naturally but in a complaining tone Yaar, I thought you considered me worthy enough to be compared with that sexy Ishani . I laughed feeling very comfortable and said Mamta aunty, you must be joking, Ishani ! and sexy like you, no way, she is still a kid . She smiled and said its your job to transform her into sexy girl and she meaning fully blinked at me.

I blushed and she laughed and asked me did you two not even kiss . I tried to change the topic by saying she must be getting late for party to which she acted as if she is hurt badly and said Adi, you want me out of the house, am I a problem to you ? . Basically, I was enjoying her company and said it is nothing like that. She sat on the couch and asked me to sit.
She then said tell me yaar, treat me like your friend and you can share with me and it will remain a secret between us . I was feeling very odd. She sounded hurt as she said I thought you liked me and I responded by admitting that I do like her. Her next salvo was then as to why we can not be friends.
I was confused and she subtly hit again friendship can be in different age groups , then after a brief pause added, and do I appear that old, honey . My heart skipped a beat as she called me honey. I cleared my throat and said o.k, friends . She thrust her hands to me and I shook her hands. She pulled me near her and in asked me in hush tone so, dear did you kiss her or not.

I smiled and nodded. She patted my back, coming very near and said wow ! So how was it . I laughed and said good, could have been better . She giggled, oh boy, so romantic, tell me what was lacking that you say it could have been better . I hesitated for a moment and said actually, she pulled out.
She said Adi, it must have been her first kiss as well, few things come by experience, you know but why you allowed her to pull out my dear . I protested how could I have forced her to continue . She then blinked at me and asked and in multiplexes, you must have caressed her every where, hmm.

I blushed again and she cordially said its natural, sweetheart, at this age its the most natural thing to do, you know one day I caught Rooma(her daughter) with her boyfriend kissing and that gentleman had his hands inside her tops, . I was aghast at her frankness as she continued honestly, I dont blame her, these days movies, T.V. etc show explicit sex scenes and it is natural to try to experience this.
I drew courage from it and said I have fondled but from over the clothes, Ishani says its risky. She laughed and said good girl but now coming back to point, tell me honestly, were you not comparing . I firmly said no. She then posed next question then what were you looking at so intensely sweetheart . I said now common aunty lets get over it.

She sighed and said actually, it felt good, I thought my curves can attract a handsome young man having gorgeous girlfriend,like you and then sighing said yaar, dil rakhne ke liye jhoot hi bol dete. I giggled and said there is nothing to lie, you are very attractive . She said you can not even lie properly.
I emphatically said no, I am telling the truth, you are gorgeous (and in heat of the moment blurted out ) and damn sexy . She raised her eyebrows and said, really, then tell me what you like most in me or to put it this way, that I have and Ishani doesnt . I said pointing towards her waist Ishani doesnt have this.

She got up from couch and removing her pletes of saree from her entire waist, exposing her belly button asked surprisingly you mean she doesnt have this . I gulped and seeing her oval belly button and almost oval shaped muscle engulfing her belly button, said I mean this . She still acted confused and said Adi, now that we are friends would you mind showing me the difference.

She came near me and my heart beat raced as I softly touched and caressed her navel and waist and softly squeezing her muscles said you have right amount of flesh to make it more sexy and appealing . She kept her hands over mine, not allowing me to take it off and guiding it all around her waist said have you seen her waist. I said no.

She softly said then how do you compared it, honey, I just want you to tell me where I am better off than her . I said you are too good for her. She whispered now honey, that is what I am asking you, you are just not getting my point. She then again whispered o.k, honey I will help you, but first tell me what were you looking at when I came.
I said, gulping the lump in my throat you are so sexy . She smiled and said that I can see darling from your reaction and pointed towards my shorts which had huge buldge. I felt embarrassed and she asked me its natural, Adi.

She again sat beside me, gently putting her hand over my buldge and squeezing it and with other hand over my shoulders and there by nudging her boobs over my biceps gently spoke you want to experience it . I kept mum and felt strange as she blew hot breath over my ears and whispered honey, you want it badly . I had goosebums all over and could hear my heart beating.
She rubbed her boobs over my biceps and nibbled into my ears while squeezing my tool and erotically said take it out honey, it needs fresh air ummmm. I was breathing heavy and it seemed like a dream to me as she pulled out my shorts and jockey. She exclaimed Adi, you got a handsome young brother and good to see you take good care of him.

She then licked my tool from root to top and inhaled deeply saying ummmm which perume you used here sweetheart . She then again licked it like a cat and then swallowed the head and tickled it with her tongue. I arched backwards in pleasure and moaned ohhhh Mamta aunty oooohhhh.
She teasingly said Adi, your aunty is not doing all this wonderful things, call me by name honey then only I will continue . I said Mamta, pls do it pls take it in your mouth . She this time removed the shorts and jockey from my body and licked my balls. I moaned and she kept on playing with my balls and tool.
The pressure inside me was building up and she would at right moments stop sucking. She looked up to me and warned me dont dare to spit inside my mouth, o.k. I just nodded. She again licked my tool with slow gentle strokes.

Then it became so pleasurable and from experience of shagging I knew I was there, I moaned mamta, I am cumming and she quickly side stepped but continued giving gentle strokes. She came back on couch and pulled my head and started kissing me.
As our tongues met and she deftly rolled her tongue over mine I started ejaculating and my hands without any fear grabbed her boobs. She softly said easy baby, easy, you will get it all, play with it softly. I sucked her lips, tasting the lipstick as I blew out the last drops of my cum.
I felt very relaxed after ejaculating and Mamta aunty kept on kissing me. I felt confident as my hands roamed all over her body. We finally broke our liplock. She breathed heavily and said Adi, you are first class kissing expert, ummmmm, enjoyed it darling and stood up. My tool was down having only partial erection and longed to fuck her.

I also stood up and tried to hold her, she pushed me gently and said yaar, clean up your tool or my saree will get stained. I cleaned it with my shorts and hugged her, again trying to kiss her. She giggled and said, who would believe that you were shying away from this, lets go to your bedroom. She walked seductively towards my bedroom, ordering me to bring ice cubes.
I hurriedly took a jug of ice cubes and rushed to my bedroom saying, mamta aunty, lets do it quickly, you have to go to party as well. She laughed heartily and said, dont you worry for that lover boy, we have ample time for the play. In hurry I removed my T shirt and stood totally nude with my tool dangling in semi erect state. I hugged her and kissed her.

She whispered its your big day, love me Adi, whole body, every part and every inch, kiss me, lick me and then fuck me. She had deftly guided me and in my impatience, I quickly tried to undress her by removing her pallu. Oh my god, I can never ever forget that beautiful scene. Her tits were clearly visible through that blouse and outlined her boobs.
I got mad and started kissing her boobs from over the blouse and bit at the projection of nipples. She moaned softly and said Adi, patience and deep breathing is the key to having good sex, just kiss me and gradually and slowly see my body and shower it with kisses. I have good grasping power and I did accordingly.

I hugged her from her back, kissing her shoulder and neck and sometimes licking her as well and cupped her boobs gently. She held my head and it was in between her arms and her neck allowing me to brush my face over her silky smooth arms and neck simultaneously. I undid her blouse hooks and took her boobs into my palms and was in cloud nine.
Her boobs fitted into my palms perfectly and I gently squeezed them. She moaned Adi, you are a quick learner, play with my nipples, honey, suck the nectar out of it lover boy ummmmm do it. She turned towards me and I twisted my neck to do as commanded. I licked her hard nipples and then sucked it.

She combed my hairs lovingly with her fingers moaning oooohhh aaah, its wonderful Adi, do it sweet heart, love me darling ummmmm aaahhh. We were standing till that time and sucking her nipples and with hands playing with her ass, I myself dont know when her saree fell aside and petticoat aside. She was just in her white panty and her high heels.
She sat on bed and asked me to remove her heels and kiss her feet. I was only to eager to oblige and started my journey of kissing and licking from feet. She spread her legs as I approached her crotch and I pulled out her panty. She whispered adi, if ever you get a chance with Ishani, the sure shot way of fucking her would be to suck her pussy.

She accomodated my head and her upperlimbs rested over my shoulder as I smelled her pussy. It was pleasant out there and apprehensively I licked, fearing I bad taste. It was neither good nor bad but the reaction of Mamta aunty was awesome. She whimpered and shivered as my tongue touched her vagina.
Encouraged by her reaction I did it again and again till she was moaning loudly and talking deliriously. aaaaaauuuummmm hmmmmmm honeeeyyyyyy oooohh adiiiiiii myyyy loveeeeeer boyyyy ummmmmmm ddooooo itttttt maaaannnn ummmmm ahhhhhh. I stopped when I felt she was oozing out juices and her legs squeezed around my neck.

I saw her face was contorted and had a very satisfactory look. She pulled me up and kissed and rather licked my face and then we again kissed. She then came on top of me and took one ice cube and rubbed it over my nipple. She then tingled me nipples with her tongue. It gave me pleasure.
She kept on doing it as my hands were busy roaming all around her body and repeatedly kept coming back to her marvellous boobs. It was for the first time that I was viewing live naked boobs, a key object of all my fantasies. My passion grew leaps and bounds and then I turned her and came on top of her, pinning down her hands and licking those boobs as if there will be no tomorrow.

She giggled at my impatience and asked Adi, did you ever fantacise about me ?. I between licks exclaimed aunty, you would have delivered 1000 babies by now if all my shagging could have found way to your womb. She laughed, hungry boy, hmmmm, now that you have me, love every inch of my body, baby. I kissed and licked her entire body and she moaned and giggled continuously.

We played around with each other and she too licked my fingers and chest. My tool was bursting and I wanted her to fuck. I expressed myself aunty, daalne do naa pleaseeeee. She spread her legs and helped me position my tool. It was so slippery out there that as I pushed it was straightway half inside her.
I exclaimed ooooohhhhh its soooo hot there auntyyyyy ummmmm and pushed the remaining part till my balls hit the road block. I wanted to go deeper and deeper but it was the limit. She caressed my shoulders and whispered fuck the hell out of me Adi. I began pumping her, the pleasure was building up. She moaned and commanded me to suck her nipples.

I sucked her nipples, resting myself one one hand, bending my neck and with other hand fondled her boobs. She then asked me to be fully over her and she deftly came on top of me without my tool coming out of that hot well of pleasure. Mamta aunty then rode me gently in circular motion as she herself cupped her boobs.
Her ass was rubbing over my trimmed pubic hairs and was very pleasurable. She looked extremely sexy as she herself played with her boobs and bit her lips in between moans aaahhh uuuuuggghhhhh ufffffff hmmmmmm aaahhh ooooohh. She was giving me small gap to thrust my pelvic upwards and then she would force it down and give me circilar movements.

It continued for some time and then she put both hands across my head and came forward, her both the boobs dangled in front of me. I held her back and lifted my head and sucked her with powerful thrust. She moaned ooohhhhh adiiiiii my lover boyyyyy hmmmmmm fuck me babyyyyyy aaaahhhhh doooo itttt hardddddd yesssssss uuummm aaah.
I was having a strange sensation all over my body and the more I gave thrust the more was itching at my tool top. She perhaps understood that and angled herself such that I felt it rubbing against her alley walls. I also felt my pubic hairs getting wet as she bent herself backwards holding my legs and squeezing her pussy that I felt as if somebody is gripping my tool.
There was regular contraction and looseness around my tool and she bit her lower lips with all her teeths and moaned loudly aaaagghhhh ooooooooooohhhhhhhhh aaaaagghhhhhhhh ummmmmmm aaaaaaahhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeessssssssssssssss ummmm.

My pubic hair was dripping with her juices and she rolled over me whispering pump me bad boyyyy, fuckkkkk meeeeeeeee oooohhhh. I this time expertly again entered her without any guidance. She put her legs over my legs and restricted my movement. She kept on gliding her smooth silky legs over my legs and commanded prolong it honey for few more minutes and then bang it lover boy.
I kept on gently pumping but the itch in my tool had reached unmanageble level and I spread her legs wide apart, then folded it over her stomach and began pumping her furiously. She cried out in pleasure oooohhhh adiiiiiiiii aaaahhhhhhh. I was in cloud nine and closed my eyes, as if it will evaporate from there, held her legs tightly and gave all my energy in pumping her.

She shouted oooooohhhhhh godddddd aaaaaaahhhhhh yesssssss ummmmmmmmmm ooooooooo eeeeeeeeeeeee aaaaahhhhhhh. I then knew it. I was cumming from my shagging experience. I was literally all out and humped her till the last drops of my cum filled her alley.
When I was sure that I have ejaculated the last drops inside her, I eased the pressure and came on top of her, gasping for breath. She licked my face saying it was good adi ummmm I liked it, relax baby ummmm.
I was feeling good, knowing finally having lost my virginity to Mamta aunty. I said Mamta aunty, thak gaya par man nahi bharaa. She kissed me and said its such a fun that you can never be contented with what you get, honey. I said aunty, once more, pleaseee. She laughed and said now you are not worrying about that kitty party.

She pushed me aside and put her legs over mine and playing around with my chest are you matured enough to understand fulfilling physical needs without being slave to those needs. I grinned and said all I understand is that I fucked you and lived my fantasy. She kissed me and said I know but you should not allow this incident to spoil my life or think that I am a whore.
I again pinned her down, licked her nipples and said I surely will not want to do that, I love you. She giggled and said no, you keep on with Ishani, then marry her. I inquired uncle does not satisfy you sexually ?. She laughed and said no, its not that, we all have agreed to have safe sex and infact you were won by me over a game of rummy in one of the kitty parties. I was surprised.

She kissed me and said Adi, four of us have son and myself and ganglani have only daughters, so we decided to induce four sons into sex when they turn 18. I was shocked and said even mom got fucked, by whom, I know I am the youngest. She smiled and said its Raj. I knew that stud, he is 3 year senior to me.
I got agitated and could not digest this fact of my mothers infidelity, she cheating my father.
Mamta aunty, consoled me and said Adi, its complicated, now you love Ishani but you still fucked the hell out of me, why ? didnt you cheat Ishani. I had no reply.
She soothingly told if you can fuck some one and still love her then why do you object if she also gets some fun, safely, and still love you. I kept my mouth shut as she continued maybe its bad, but when our phyiscal desires are met we all feel good and for the last 5 years we all, including husbands are happy. I blurted fuck, dad also knows it.

She smiled and said yes, all of them have fucked me and my husband too has fucked everyone, it is just that they dont know that we have taken it to next generation also. I questioned, and what if they know. She just shrugged her shoulder and said how they will know that we have further spiced up the things, you get 6 aunties to fuck, so would you tell your dad.